Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My perennial problem

Here is a close-up of what my problem is. Or one of 'em. I always think I'm going to someday use the thing I'm thinking of getting rid of.

Case in point: this blue baby sling (this is just a close-up of the great fabric). One of four baby carriers I owned (two were hand-me-downs, two I bought). I think I used this one a total of three times. I found it very difficult to do the sling thing with two babies. But I liked the idea so I kept the slings, thinking I would use them.

I finally got rid of the two that were hand-me-downs; I gave them away. I'm sure I could've sold them but I didn't since the people who gave them to me didn't. But now I have these two really nice ones that I bought myself - and they were not cheap. One of them I didn't even use a single time because I couldn't figure it out.

And then there's this one. Simple to use, and beautiful, it's the Ella Roo Sling. It's been hanging out in my study for months, waiting for me to take a picture of it to post to the MotheringDotCommune forums Trading Post. Now that The Seven Things Project is underway, I finally kicked into gear and took some pics. I even uploaded them to my computer. And then I made sure I still had the directions.

That's what sunk my plans. In looking at the instructions, I noticed that it could carry a toddler up to 35 pounds. One of my boys is already almost at that weight, but the other has a long way to go. I suddenly had visions of myself slinging my little boy while my other one walked alongside me holding my hand. I can't bear to get rid of it now, because I just might use it.

This time, I'm giving myself a week. If I don't use it by then, that's it, I'm posting it for sale.


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