Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Saturday Seven - #2

So these are pretty small offerings. But it's the small stuff that is taking up space the most. I get overwhelmed by so many little things that don't have a home.

Here's my humble seven record of this week's purging:

Three videos from the Buns of Steel series. Have had these for several years and I can't remember the last time I used them. Not since we got a DVD player 5 years ago, at least.

Numei cotton chenille yarn, 3+ skeins.
Super-cheap but didn't like working with it. Was going to use it for more washcloths (the colors match my bathroom). Bought it in November and haven't used it since I made the first one.
Given to Becky.

My first circular needle. Susan Bates, size 7, 32".
Used it to start a baby blanket in October. Just finished the blanket and know I will never use these again if I can help it. Not after using Addis for all these months.
Given to Becky.

Knitting Pure & Simple Weekend Neck Down Pullover pattern.
Bought this one by mistake when I was trying to order the basic women's pullover a couple of weeks ago. The company doesn't do returns on patterns, and with as many things as there are already on my to-knit list, I knew I wouldn't knit it.
Given to Becky.

So that's my list. (Thanks, Becky, for accepting stuff when you're trying to get rid of stuff, too!) It feels good to be making even little dents in my load of accumulation. My total this week: 8. Total so far: 17.

What about the rest of you? If you have a Saturday Seven posted somewhere (blog or forum), please leave a link in the comments, along with a tally. I'd like to start a running community tally in the sidebar, along with my personal tally.

Thanks, and happy Saturday!


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