Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Saturday Seven - #15

the deja vu edition

This is so not interesting. Gone this week: more maternity and nursing clothes. Specifically, two pairs of maternity pants, four maternity tops, and two nursing tops. I'm passing it on to the same freecycler I've been giving my other maternity and nursing things to.

I can't believe with as much maternity and nursing clothing I've already divested, I keep finding more. Part of the reason I keep coming up with more is that I can't seem to get rid of it all at once. I have to pry my tight grip off the things I once thought I should get a good price for, and just pass them on. Having the Seven Thing goal each week helps, though. Otherwise, I think I would've only gotten rid of five of these things this time, but I forced myself to cough up two more. Then later, I realized there had actually been one more in the stack of five than I thought.

So here's another picture of me in a nursing top with a baby. I wore this top a lotlotlot. And I had that same sleep-deprived look on my face a lotlotlot. I remember when this picture was taken, I thought Little Buddha looked so big all of a sudden (this was at 2 1/2 months). Now I can't get over how small he once was. (yeah, like I said, deja vu - I know I said this same kind of stuff last week).

Oh well. Stuff gone from my life this week: 8. Total stuff gone from my life so far: 126.


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