Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Saturday Seven - #11

I am really struggling with my personal challenge these days. Oh, I can always find stupid little stuff around the house to get rid of. But that's really not the point. The point is to deal with my attachment to stuff. For every stupid thing I get rid of, there are probably 7 more things I don't need but can't seem to let go of.

Not only that, but I just this moment realized that I didn't actually get rid of 7 things this week! I was on my way to getting rid of more than 7 actually. I have 3 nursing tops, a baby teether, and a baby toothbrush all packed up and ready to be given to a freecycler. But when I got sick and lost email contact with her, we couldn't get the pickup arranged by today. So these 5 things are still waiting to go.

Meanwhile, I got rid of 5 other things at the church rummage sale, including that bizarre test tube looking thing in the picture there. It's a candle thingy. You put colored oil in the tube and then light the little wick. We bought it our first year of marriage at one of the many Ann Arbor stores that sells little doodads like this. We loved it for about 3 months, until the cats started knocking it off the top of the entertainment center. We haven't used it in maybe 3 years. I'm thinking that when I dropped it off at the rummage sale collection, I should've included a note saying what it was.

In addition to it, I also got rid of 2 pairs of shoes I haven't worn in years, a purple top that I haven't worn in years but suddenly find myself missing, and a monstrous pair of earmuffs.

After I wrote this post, I raced around the house looking for anything I could offer up on freecycle immediately. I came up with a bottle of pet odor destroyer that I can't stand the smell of (sickly sweet) and a Movie Trivia CD game for the car. Both things got spoken for right away, one was just picked up and the other is pending pickup. So I'll call that a Saturday Seven after all. (I won't include the CD in my sidebar total until it's actually picked up).

Total this week: 7
Total so far: 89 (90 after CD pickup).


Blogger Pamela said...

You are doing great. I have a hard time getting rid of clothes but have decided since starting this project that I will get rid of this stuff. I also have a ton of kitchen stuff that I am working on getting new homes for. It's hard to part with some of this stuff but I am going to do it.
Thanks for the inspiration to start doing this.

6:23 AM  

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