Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Saturday Seven - #16

the late again edition

I tried to post yesterday, really, I did. But blogger wouldn't let me in, and I gave up.

I seem to be getting suddenly serious about really getting rid of stuff, including some very sentimental things. Like these precious costumes that my boys wore last year, at 17 months.

Little Buddha, as a lion
he refused to wear the headpiece,
but I still thought he was adorable

Tiny Dancer, as a monkey
that everyone thought was a mouse
he was so precious

I remember him running down the sidewalk, calling out, "hi, hi, hi," to everyone, with his little monkey tail dragging behind him. And Little Buddha, who wasn't walking yet, had to be carried everywhere. He clung to us like a little koala bear, and was as heavy as lead.

I sold these on eBay. The lion costume ended up going to another twin mom, 45 minutes away. I thought that was cool.

I also divested myself of 8 pieces of my own clothing, donated to the church rummage sale. It won't happen till April, which means I can go ahead and get rid of all the spring and summer things I didn't wear this year, or last, or the year before, or the one before that.

Total this week: 10.
Total so far: 136.


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