Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Saturday Seven - #22

the grey t-shirt edition

Here is how this project is good for me. Because I am such an all-or-nothing kind of person, there are weeks I would be giving away nothing at all b/c there is no time to do the really big overhaul of my stuff I need to do (i.e., if I can't do all that really should be done, I'll just do none). But with this Seven Things commitment, on weeks like this, I just make myself go through my closets and find seven more things I never wear.

This week, I immediately came upon five grey t-shirts. How many grey t-shirts does a person really need? In fact, how many t-shirts of any color does a person need? The problem is, even though I usually only wear tees to workout in, most of them have some sentimental value for me. Most of my tees are ones I got from certain events, and they are like little souvenirs. Little souvenirs that I really don't need to be hanging on to 10 years later. But still.

Here are the five grey tees. I could only bring myself to part with two of them - a little cropped Adidas one (no need for anything cropped ever again), and a one from a mission event I was a part of in 2000 (shown on top of the pile in pic below). The other three, that I couldn't quite let go of: the Mickey Mouse tee on top - a Target find a few years ago, and I actually do still wear it; a cute tee from a children's camp I worked at 9 years ago; and a t-shirt from my graduate school (I never wear it, but I kept thinking I still might....)

Had to find 5 more things to go with the 2 grey tees. So:
  • a light green shirt I bought at the Gap last year; the color doesn't suit me
  • a rose-colored shirt I've had for years and My Old Man used to really dig, but I just don't like it enough to keep keeping it (but it's really hard to get rid of something I know he likes)
  • a green t-shirt from last year's Vacation Bible School
  • a flowy, crinkly blue, white, and purple skirt, bought at TJ Maxx my last year in college - it was totally me, I wore it for years and loved it, but the elastic has gone out in the waist and it's not so much my style anymore

  • a pair of black bootcut stretch pants that are past their prime - the first non-maternity pants I could fit into after I had my babies; I've tried to get rid of these as a part of the Saturday Seven at least twice before but kept thinking I might wear them. I haven't.
Phew. This was hard. How is it that I can have so much stuff, know in my head that I don't need so much, and still find it so impossible to determine which things I can live without?

I'm giving these to the church rummage sale.
Total this week - 7.
Total so far - 186.


Blogger The Shopping Sherpa said...

I'm glad you kept the Mickey Mouse T shirt. I was itching to put my hand up and claim it if you'd decided to let it go.

Great concept btw. I may adopt it in 2007...

3:02 AM  

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