Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Saturday Seven - #23

This project continues to challenge me. It remains true that I have way more things than I need. It remains true that of the many things I don't need, there are many, many things I haven't used in years. And it remains true that every week, when I try to find seven things I don't need and don't use, I find myself hanging on to those very same things, with the thought, "I might use/need/want this some day." Or now, "My boys might use/need/want this some day."

This week, it's books. In my study at home, I have two bookcases that have been with me since graduate school. These are the books that don't merit a place in my office at work, or in my craft closet (where I keep most of my best knitting books), or on one of the shelves in my bedroom, or on my nightstand, or in our living room or sunroom. Basically, for some reason, the books I look at or refer to least are the ones in my study.

It's probably safe to say that of the six shelves of books in my study, I will probably never use half of them again. So why is it that it took me nearly half an hour to find just seven to give away?

At least the ones I found are ones I am certain I will not miss:
Sleepers (book on tape - listened to once and will not again)
The Celestine Prophecy (book on tape - never listened to, never will)
While We Run This Race: Confronting the Power of Racism in a Southern Church (a book whose primary purpose to this point has been to make me feel guilty for not reading it)
Hidden Prey (a John Sandford mind candy thriller - I've read all the Prey books, guiltily loved them all, and will never read it again)
The Fussy Baby by William Sears (given to me at a La Leche League meeting; but my babies weren't fussy so I never really needed it)
Who Do You Think You Are? (a personality profile book that I've had for more than 10 years and haven't looked at in about that long)
Dr Marcia Emery's Intuition Workbook (um, the only thing more embarrassing than owning this is that it has taken me more than a decade to get rid of it)

Things gone this week: 7
Things gone so far: 193


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