Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Saturday Seven - #4

The "They're Growing Up So Fast" Edition

I was pretty late in getting myself organized to get rid of 7 things this week. It wasn't until yesterday that I got myself in gear and started posting stuff to freecycle.

First to go was the Gentle Leader Headcollar for large dogs. This belonged to my Rottweiler Mocha, who died a little over 2 years ago. I haven't been able to part with her things till now. This is the kind of thing I would ordinarily hang onto since someday I hope to own a big dog again. But someday could be a long time from now, or it could be never, and I'm not organized enough to keep it in a place I'll know to look in five years. I freecycled it to someone who could use it now. And in the process I connected with someone who works with Boxer Rescue who will take any other doggy items I find.

The picture of the collar was pretty boring. So here's a picture of Mocha, since memories of her tug at my heart when I try to get rid of her stuff.

Not the greatest shot but it turns out I only have two digital pics of her on my Mac, all the others are on my old pc which needs professional help before I can get the rest of my files off of it.

I got rid of four things that were reminders that my boys are no longer babies.

Two #1 Birthday candles, which I didn't use for their 1st birthday, opting instead to go with just a basic small plain candle that fit better on their homemade cakes. Pics of candles are boring, so again I instead include pics of the memories that make me sentimental over little things like candles. Funny how even though I didn't use those #1 candles their presence made me sentimental about the boys' 1st birthday.

Little Buddha with his first birthday cake, after the candle was removed.

Tiny Dancer with his first birthday cake, after the candle was removed.

I also freecycled these two floats, from our very first beach vacation as a family, last summer.

The boring stuff to go was this:
Two metal Steel-Cut Oats containers and a tin heart container. I pass this kind of stuff on to our Director of Educational Ministries, who can use these things for projects. And an unopened box of Earth's Best Organic Oatmeal for babies. My boys used to love this stuff. But they've outgrown it. Totally forgot I had a brand new box in the basement.

Things gone this week: 9.
Total things gone so far: 34.


Anonymous Virginia J Nute said...

I love this Seven Things project. I am trying it, as well as asking my family members to get involved as well. Great job on making our lives more meaningful :)

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