Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Saturday Seven - #26

The Actually on Saturday version.

This week, I got rid of another small lot of baby clothes, from the boys' late babyhood. I'm sending all of these to My Old Man's daughter, for her 6 month-old son J. As usual, many nostalgic and wistful feelings going on....

The goods:

  • souvenir tee from Jekyll Island (the boys' first trip to the beach; My Old Man's daughter was also with us, which is why I thought she might want the tee for her son)
  • baseball All-Stars jersey and short set
  • denim shortalls w/ yellow tee and yellow striped button-down shirt
  • fleece slippers (never worn)
  • bunny sleeper
  • navy fleece romper (a baby gift from SIL)
  • ubiquitous red waffle-weave top (ubiquitous because they're wearing these in half the pictures I took over a period of months; a friend got these at the GAP outlet for like 50 cents each, and I *loved* them; they ended up stretching out some and so the boys were able to wear them a second season)
  • bunny jacket
  • Easter hat
  • Easter bib
  • pirate teddy bear baseball cap
  • 2 baby toothbrushes
The really cool forward progress I made this week was to spend about 2 hours yesterday afternoon sorting through several boxes of the boys' clothes that had been sitting at the top of the stairs (which is actually in our bedroom, since the whole second floor is one big room) for several months. I got a labeller and some new clear containers and sorted through stuff to sell (divided into fall/winter and spring/summer), stuff to give away, and stuff for them to wear again next spring/summer. Moved it all down to the basement, where I have stacked it neatly. There's more to go through in our attic, but WOW what a huge psychological burden has been lifted, simply not to have that stuff sitting (piled four feet high) at the top of the stairs.

Total stuff gone: 13. Total so far: 227.



Blogger Maria said...

Is it too late for me to be part of this project? I'd love to systematically get rid of stuff and I could really use some motivation. Congratulations on all the lightening of the load you've already done!

8:56 PM  

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