Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Saturday Seven - #35

Yep, more baby stuff. Another 11 pieces of baby clothing shipped off to My Old Man's daughter for her 9 month-old son. Included was this sweet little baseball outfit (just one of them) that I absolutely adored (you can't see the shorts, but they had a little bat, ball, and glove embroidered on them. I have such fond memories of them in these outfits, right after their first birthday. A happy summer with lots of travels. These pictures are from a trip to Denver for a work conference. After a day of being pushed around in the stroller, they ended up like this:

It's one of my most prominent memories of that summer, for some reason - seeing them sound asleep in their new side-by-side stroller in their little baseball outfits.

Today, the person who bought one of our crib mattresses and our nursery dresser at my Parents of Multiples sale last month came by to pick those things up. Of course I cried after she left with them.

Total things gone this week: 11.
Total gone so far: 346.

Thanks so much to those of who you continue to faithfully read along, even though I seem to say the same things every week: I got rid of more baby things! I cried! I gave some stuff to the church rummage sale! There are things I still can't part with! This is hard! Etc!

Oh, and if you're playing along at home and want to share (either a Saturday Seven or simply a simplicity-related musing), let us know by signing Mr. Linky!


Blogger Ellen said...

I have carefully saved a few items from each of my older daughters from when they were little but I am definately having a harder problem sorting out the "keepers" from the "goers" for my son. I think the memories are still too fresh. I think I'll need a few years . . . hopefully, the closet won't get too full.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Analisa said...

I am a faithful weekly reader. I want to be inspired by you. Actually I am inspired by you, but having recently moved we are daily unpacking and tossing right now. -Analisa, a fellow mom of twins and two more

9:06 AM  

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