Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday #2 - twin sons' room

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Once upon a time, I had a beautiful nursery for my twin boys. In addition to being cute and sweet, all bunnies and bears, it was clean and even organized. Then my boys became toddlers, and things quickly deteriorated. Late last summer, when we realized we had a climber, we converted their cribs to toddler beds. Only then the boys started climbing the sides of the beds, and also (because there were casters on the legs) wheeling them around the room. So we took the beds out entirely, and put their mattresses on the floor. It has given their room a very temporary feel, and because they will climb most anything, we've had trouble finding the right organizational tools as well (so far all the bins we've tried have ended up being used as footstools for all kinds of adventures).

So here is what their room usually looks like....


Now I am in the process of completely updating their room, transforming it from a "nursery" to a room for little boys. It's tricky, because the room is quite small, especially for two to share. I have been working with graph paper to determine what will fit in there, and in what layout. The first decision I've made has been about their bed. They are too young for bunk beds still, but two twin beds would take up almost all the available play space. The reasonable solution seemed to be a double bed. We just happened to have one in the basement - before the boys were born, their nursery was a guest room and the double bed was in there.

We weren't sure how they'd feel about their new bed....

But they definitely like it.

There is still a lot more to do in this room - a quilt or comforter for the bed (we have some, but none that seem right for little kids), take down the bunnies and bears border, get new curtains, move their old dresser out (which I've sold but hasn't yet been picked up), and move new furniture in (still trying to decide between using some stuff we already have in other rooms, or getting a couple of new things). Oh yeah, and we'll have to bolt the new furniture to the walls.

Their room is still a mess, because there is not much in the way of organizational resources set up yet. But for now, it's nice just to have a new bed, that's not on the floor, that cannot be moved all around by them or flipped over or stacked to serve as a stool, and that is comfortable enough for me to cuddle with them too.

Bonus: they look so sweet sleeping together.


Blogger Thyen Party of Four said...

OK - they are too sweet :) - It looks GREAT!! I'm sure they will love it!!

5:08 AM  
Blogger Celeste said...

So sweet! Good idea on the double bed!

5:21 AM  
Blogger devildogwife said...

Kids are too funny. They are quite creative in how they use different things aren't they? Glad you found a bed solution that works for them!

6:14 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

How cool!! They will love their new room when you are done with it!

Have a great Tuesday!

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Barbara H. said...

They do look sweet. :) The double bed was a good idea for the space as well as for making it so they can't move it.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Awwwwww....they are just precious! Looks like they are happy with the new sleeping arrangements! Have fun re-doing the rest!

1:35 PM  
Blogger Sally said...

my two slept together until they were around 6- then we split them into different rooms- but they are boy/ girl twins- i bet those guys keep you busy!!!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

We had our boys, who are 14 months apart, in a double bed until just recently. We had tried bunk beds, but they ended up in the same bed by morning, so we went with what worked best. Good luck on the rest of the room!

6:53 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

My boys are two years apart and for the longest time they'd always end up in the same bed, too. I have lots of pics just like that, and they're my favorite. Be sure to take many pictures!

8:13 PM  

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