Monday, March 05, 2007

The Saturday Seven - #32

the alternative health edition

Again I am late, I realize. I keep trying to do better, and life keeps interfering. I am excited, though, about my Saturday Seven this week. I've been trying to declutter and reorganize our "linen" closet. It doesn't have any linens in it, but I don't know what else to call it. I think that's what it was meant for, and maybe one day, if I declutter it enough, that's what it will contain. For now it is a hodgepodge of medicine, cleaning products and rnadom things that don't otherwise have a home. Ordinarily in tackling this kind of project, I'd just dump everything I could make myself part with. But ever since discovering freecycle last year, I've realized that you can almost always find someone who wants what otherwise might go in the trash. So I unloaded the following on freecycle this weekend:

- sample size Lancome Sensation Totale Continuous-C Perfecting Complex
- Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment nighttime pore clarifying gel, 2 oz.
tube - slightly used (more than half the tube is left)
- Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion for sensitive skin (with
Alpha-Hydroxy), 2.5 oz., nearly full bottle
- 1000 mg. MSM capsules (LifeTime brand, 100% pure) - the bottle held
180 capsules and is nearly full
- Nature's Way Dandelion Root capsules, 540 mg. - the bottle held 100
capsules and I would guess it is 3/4 full
- Solaray BioCitrate Magnesium vegetarian capsules, 400 mg. - the
bottle held 90 capsules and is more than half full

I also found the following bottles of vitamins and herbal supplements,
all of which are technically expired. My first impulse was to dump them all in the trash, thinking no one would want them if they'd expired. Then I rethought it, dug them out of the trash, and offered them anyway. I had a taker for everything.

- glucosamine chondroitin complex (2 caps contains 1500 mg glucosamine
and 1200 mg chondroitin sulfate), the bottle held 80 caplets and is
nearly full, Target brand, exp. Apr. 2004
- GNC Biotin 600, 600 mcg, bottle held 120 tablets, and more than
half are there, exp. 07/05
- GNC Women's Ultra Nourishair (23 ingredients including biotin,
silica, MSM, and several vitamins), bottle held 60 tablets, more than
half are left, exp. 07/04
- Centrum Folic Acid, 400 mcg, bottle held 200 tablets and is at least
3/4 full, exp. Apr 03
- NovaNatural prenatal vitamins, sample size, never opened (holds 7
tablets), exp. 07/05

Pretty cool, eh? The closet is already looking a little more manageable, though I still need to organize it.

Total gone this week: 11.
Total so far this year: 258.

I am working on rehauling some things about this project, in terms of the blog and how to interact on a more communal level. Am hoping to have more to say about that later this week. Cryptic enough for ya?


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My local freecycle won't let us offer anything consumeable that's been opened. :(

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