Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Saturday Seven - #36

Somehow I completely blipped-out on posting my Saturday Seven on Saturday, even though I actually got rid of seven things. No excuses, really, but I'll blame it on this anyway:

Saturday morning, right before a planned outing with my boys, I looked out the window to discover this. The gold car is mine. The blue car belongs to someone who was attending U-M graduation at the Michigan stadium 5 blocks away. The fact that the car was touching my bumper wouldn't have been such a big problem if it wasn't for this:

The guy who parked behind me only left me 5 inches. So my morning went completely differently than planned, and I sort of forgot to post my Saturday Seven.

I actually got rid of 8 things last week: 2 plastic outdoor push toys that I got on freecycle last year, and 6 pieces of boys' clothes that didn't sell at our Parents of Multiples Clothing Sale, all given to the church rummage sale, which was held this past weekend. But the reason they only count as 7 is because I actually went back and retrieved something from the sale that I had already donated - an alarm clock. My Old Man told me last week that his was missing and he wanted to buy another one. Given that I had recently donated not one but two to the sale, I was pretty sure I could scrounge one back for him. And I did.

I tried to do some other scrounging, too, but to no avail. This one actually made me really sad. In December, I gave this stack of clothing to the sale. It was actually kind of hard, because a few of the things had been with me for awhile and I had always really loved them. If you look at the stack, you can see the blue, purple, and white crinkly skirt I bought my senior year of college from TJ Maxx. For the longest time this was my favorite skirt - kind of signature skirt of mine. Very beachy. Very boho. But the elastic was shot and I hadn't worn it in forever. So I finally parted with it.

Just recently, we made plans to go to the beach this summer. I suddenly started thinking of this skirt. I kept thinking that now that I know a little bit about sewing, I could probably put new elastic in the waist. Or, if not that, then I could use the skirt for fabric, maybe make a beachy shawl out of it. I was very excited about the possibilities of refashioning it. Only when I went to the sale (before it started), the skirt was nowhere to be found. I scoured the tables for a very long time - no skirt. And the volunteers who set up didn't remember seeing it. So I guess it's gone for good.

See, this is one of the reasons it's so hard for me to part with stuff. Because it seems like the very instant I finally let something go, I realize I actually did need it or could use it after all. I had been so proud of myself for letting go of such a cherished and memory-laden garment. But now I'm very disappointed that I didn't let myself just keep it.

Total this week: 7.
Total so far: 342.


Blogger Analisa said...

Oh, that's hard. {{{HUGS}}}

3:00 PM  
Blogger Gad said...

A pretty pickle you found yourself in. :-0

And as for those vintage pictures over on the other site..., erm, never mind. ;-p

It's way hot over here. Hope you're having a glorious spring!


2:18 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Those things I save for "someday I could use this to make..." (or fix) is what hangs me up on getting rid of something

5:48 AM  

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